Cryo Body Contouring Gloucestershire

Cryo Body Contouring

We have a mobile clinic for cryo body contouring that covers the whole of Gloucestershire. We combine the powerful technology of muscle manipulation and cryolipolysis massage. This is a nonsurgical treatment for removal of fat, cellulite, and loose skin. The treatment increases collagen and metabolism in the body or face. I use a combination of 2 machines to produce excellent results. One for muscle stimulation and the other for the freezing process.

What is Cryotherapy & Fat Freezing?

During Cryotherapy, the skin is frozen, causing blood vessels to constrict. Then the skin is warmed up after, resulting in blood rushing back to the surface. This then gives you a fresh-looking glow and a smoother, brighter complexion. This treatment also stimulates collagen synthesis, making your skin feel firmer and less lined.

What is Cryo Body Contouring?

Cryo Body Contouring is a treatment for removal of fat without surgery. It firms, lifts, slims, reshapes and rejuvenates your body and face.

Areas That Can Be Treated

We can do contouring of many parts of the body, as shown in the picture below.

Fat Loss Areas Gloucestershire


We offer a mobile service, visiting you anywhere in Gloucestershire, including in Gloucester, Cheltenham and The Cotswolds.