1 What is Cryo-lipolysis?

Cryo-lipolysis is a proven non-invasive cosmetic procedure, using ice technology that results in localised fat reduction that fat cells are more responsive to the effects of cold in contrast to the surrounding tissue. Fat cells crystallise at lower temperatures than skin, muscle and nerve cells.

2 How Does It Work?

A special hand piece consisting of a hand wand and cooling plates is positioned on the selected body area. The area is first warmed to help separate the blood from the fat cells, then chilled. Fat cells have a lower temperature tolerance, which means they are destroyed at lower temperatures.

Once crystallised, they no longer function in their usual way and breakdown (Apoptosis) via the body’s natural functions. This results in the elimination of the fat cells without damage to the surrounding tissues.

3 Where Does All the Fat Go?

Fat cells are simply destroyed and dissolved into the body via the lymphatic and immune system. The nervous system flushes affected fat cells from the system using the body’s natural processes. The area treated becomes smaller in size over the following weeks and months as this process happens.

4 What Are The Effects?

The reason Cryo-lipolysis has become so popular is not just down to the excellent results it achieves, but that there are generally few side effects. No recovery period or downtime. It is very rare to have extended redness or bruising post treatment. You are generally able to resume normal daily activities without discomfort immediately after the session. It is even possible to have a treatment during your lunch break.

5 How Long Does It Take?

Each treatment takes up to 60 minutes per area depending on depth of fat to be treated. Additional time may be required if you require more than one area.

6 How Many Treatments Will I Need?

One session is sufficient for most people in most areas. Cryo-lipolysis has the advantage of not usually requiring a course of treatment. However, this obviously depends on the amount of fat you would like removed and the amount to begin with.
If after one treatment you are happy with the results achieved, you may want to further improve on this.

7 How Effective is a “Fat Freeze” Treatment?

A single Cryo-lipolysis can destroy up to 40% of your fat cells with an average of 20-40% per area treated per session.

8 How Does This Differ To other Options Advertised as “Laser Lipo or i-lipo”?

The procedure is known as “Cryotheraphy” or “Cryo-lipolysis” treatment and works via cooling and crystallising of the far cells. Other options, such as radio frequency, work in an opposite way by actually heating the fat up.
Many medical studies have concluded even though the other offerings are effective, the best results are consistently achieved by Cryo-lipolysis.

9 Is It Permanent?

The fat cells that will be crystallised through the Cryo-lipolysis procedure are absorbed by the body’s natural processes. Once destroyed, the same fat cells cannot grow back as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

10 Do I Need To Exercise Afterwards Or Go On a Silly Diet?

No diets or intense exercise are needed post treatment. However, Cryo-lipolysis is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.
That being said, combining Cryo-lipolysis with a healthy diet and lifestyle will only further maximise your result. After care includes advice to increase your water intake, avoid caffeine and other toxins to support your body’s natural processes.

11 Does It Hurt?

The treatment for most is completely pain free and comfortable. It’s also possible to fall asleep during the treatment, you can even have a drink or read a book!

12 How Long Does It Take To See Results?

This depends on the individual, the fat thickness, and the area treated. Changes happen over several weeks. Some patience is required as a natural process is taking place inside your body. You should expect maximum results between 12 and 16 weeks. However, some individuals begin to see changes after only 2 to 3 weeks.

13 How Much Fat Can You Destroy?

Clinical studies on Cryo-lipolysis have shown the reduction of fat cells is between 20% to 40% per session. Results will vary on the individual, the thickness of the fat deposits in each area and your life style post treatment.

14 What Areas Can You Treat

Quite frankly, all those stubborn to remove fat areas such as:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Bingo wings/upper arms
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Man boobs
  • Love handles and flanks
  • Under bra rolls
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Muffin Top
  • Neck & Chin

15 What Areas Cannot Be Treated?

  • Wrists and ankles
  • Neck and chin
  • Female breast tissue or gynecomastia

16 What Size Is A Treatment Area?

There are numerous sized hand pieces which can be tailored for most body areas. Whether you want to treat large areas like the upper and lower abdomen, or smaller areas like under bar fat or upper arms (bingo wings).

17 Are There Any Side Effects?

A slight numbness along with some swelling and tenderness, mild redness and tingling can all be quite common in rare occurrences.

18 Who Cannot Be Treated?

Cryo-lipolysis is suitable for most people. However, not those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. A consultation needs to be conducted prior to your treatment and certain individuals will need to get a letter from their GP to proceed with the treatment in extreme cases.

19 It Does Work For Cellulite?

No. However, Skin Micro Needling has shown to improve significantly the surface of cellulite. I also offer Micro Needling to be clients. Ask for details.

20 I Have Excess Skin On Areas I Would Like Treated?

“Fat Freeze,” specialises in fat loss, not skin tightening. For those with normal skin elasticity, the part of the body whose surface is being reduced by destroying the fat will tighten back to normal. This is helped partly by the fact it’s a gradual process over 3 to 4months.

However, for those with pre-existing skin laxity/excess skin, the elasticity of this skin has already been compromised and the treatment would not help with this. Further fat loss would maintain that level of excess skin or may actually worsen because of less fat being in that area. There are skin tightening procedures available to assist you with this, so certainly not a contra indicator.

21 Are There Any Aftercare Guidelines I need To Follow?

In order to achieve optimum results post treatment, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Increase your fluid intake to assist with the natural ‘flushing’ out of the crystallised lipids in the fat cells.
  • Lymphatic massage will speed up the process of removing the fat cells.
  • Regular body brushing (exfoliation) at home is great for stimulating the lymphatic system to naturally eliminate the fat cells.
  • Exercise a minimum of 1 hour per week.
  • Those taking blood thinners may experience more bruising than normal, but it is still safe to have the treatment.